Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Baby Update:

I suppose while I didn't really want this to happen, I should embrace the fact that at least for now- this blog is more like a pregnancy update / Doppler watch. Where you go to see and hear more about the miracle of life and the gestation period of a poor inflated woman living in Boston. Regardless of the intention of it being an update from me OR Christoph. Oh well. I've embraced it and I've moved past it.

In other news... the child is moving in such a way where I swear I can feel knees/elbows and the moving is in slow motion... it's weird. Not so much constant kicking anymore just this weird feeling- almost like when a dog or cat goes in a circle and makes a spot for him or herself before getting settled... does that make sense?

The day before yesterday his or her was elbowing me to a point where I swear we were going to have a scene from the movie alien on our hands- busting out of my abdomen with with a vengeance.

That's what new in the belly of the beast.

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