Friday, July 27, 2007

Crazies and Cake. Just Another Day in the Hood!

I park my car and jump out. As I am talking to my homies on the tele, a homes in his own right- and crazy all the same approaches me. He wanted to help put the top up on the Cabrio. I told him, "I am all set- on the phone, thanks anyway."

Crazy man: "OK I jess wanna help ya."

Scared me, slightly uncomfortable (and still on the phone!): "Thanks, anyway. I got it."

Crazy man: "I want you to know that healthy is in. Thin is out. "

Pissed off me: "Sir, I'm pregnant, not fat. Thanks."

Crazy man: "Oh right baby, baby. I know I know. It's Sean. You're beautiful with you curves."

Curvy pissed off me: "Yup. Thanks, Sean, I'm still on the phone here."

I walk away, Leona and Big Stace on the other line hearing the play by play- they say "What the hell is going on?" I go on to explain, it's just a friendly 'neighbor.' But there he goes, talking to himself, yelling after me saying, "You're beautiful, thin is out. Big is in."

Honestly. What is a girl supposed to do? I come up- tell C the story and continued to get aggravated. I was supposed to run to the store before coming up the tower of stairs to the apartment, but with the commotion, I didn't. Instead, I had cake. Why not? Delicious cake!

C's work threw a baby shower for the daddy to be! It was so sweet of them- even more sweet, sending him home with a few pieces of cake. I thought for sure he would cry, but he didn't. He was surprised just the same, but I thought he'd get overcome with emotions. I sure was overcome with emotion when I got to taste the cake.

Just another day in the hood.


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