Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Flight of the Bird

Honestly, I have never laughed so hard.

Below are pictures and even video clips. They will make you laugh until you cry; at least they make me laugh until I CRIED. You can hear me barely breathing in the back, wheezing from laughing, running and screaming from the 'monster' bird that flew into the apartment.

As we sat down and relaxed on the couch in flew a bird. From the way C reacted originally you would have thought it was a hawk. It flew and dropped underneath our bookcase. I have some pictures below, but several takes of video to bring you on the journey that felt like it lasted for hours- the funniest few hours of my life. In the videos you can also hear on more than one occasion my dear dear husband scream like a woman. If you haven't heard the honeymoon story, remind me to tell you some time. However if you've heard it... that scream is reminiscing of the earthquake scream.

All of the videos are about 20-30 seconds long and while some are funnier than the others- I couldn't bare to leave out any part of it. The only one not posted (of course) is the funniest one. I guess it's too large to download? I'm not sure- I'll work out the kinks with that one, but had to go ahead and post the rest of them.

In the end, C ended up getting the bird outside, for him only to fly BACK into the apartment. He did finally get him out, for good, and closed all windows to make sure our feathered friend did not get back in!

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