Monday, July 23, 2007


This weekend we had probably one of the best weekends we've had in awhile. What did we do?


Gloriously nothing!!!

KW had a wedding on Friday and came by on Saturday. And while we were 'up for anything' we sat, talked and lounged on the couch. THEN we went to eat some lunch. We came back, sat, talked, watched movies (bad movies) and lounged on the couch. THEN we went to eat some dinner. Came back- and you guessed it - sat, talked and lounged on the couch.

Ah, routine. Glorious.

Sunday we met some people for lunch- KW brother's and crew. Good times, laughs, and food. Really doesn't get better than that. Then we got semi-productive. We did some rounds to the ol'favorites (Target & Old Navy) and some new favs (Babies R Us)- came back and lounged. Ah routine, glorious.

See now you may think that we didn't get anything accomplished- but we did and felt all the better for it. We got to spend quality time with KW all the while doing what we all love- nothing.

KW, come back. We miss you.

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