Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Look Kids, it's Big Ben, Parilment"

The other day C took Francis, the intern who is working at my office and living with us for the summer, to the super market. Now keep in mind, she is a sweet girl from Austria. She has lived in the country- in a village with 2000, total, people. She was literally amazed at the aisle with the selection of pasta sauce. On the way home they passed the hospital - Francis asked if this would be the hospital that I would have the baby.

C explained, no- but it is the place to go should you get shot or stabbed. This resulted in the question "What is stabbed?" C explained with a stabbing motion psycho style.

Shortly thereafter she asked where she might be able to get some pepper spray.

This will be added to the list of things not to say to our au pair, when she gets here.


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  2. we're getting spam on the blog? Great. Now I'm going to have to add security... it's tough getting famous. Now I know what Li Lohan feels like. Poor B.


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