Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Milestones On The Road To Babyville

This weekend was not unlike any other weekend. It was full of activity and milestones of this grand experience called being knocked up.

To begin with- I do believe it is called 'nesting' but I have gone ahead and set up most of our apartment. With the help, of course, from Christoph. Well, either it's nesting or my mom was coming to visit and I needed to get things presentable. Hooray! Finally our apartment is photograph-able, which makes our future au pair happy. Hopefully. Also, I wanted to give her enough time that if she saw the bedroom and felt the cave was too small she could back out early. This is just floor one, next up the second floor. Baby steps.

Mother and Ricky came to visit and we hit up all the regular spots... the Sail Loft for seafood- yum. Jake Ivory's for "drinks" and entertainment - interesting. Jake Ivory's, it turns out, much like most everything, is far less entertaining with out a drink in your hand. Especially with the droves of bachelorette parties that frequent there. A waddling preggers gets quite the sideways stare. It's there, though, that we discovered my Uncle Paul is moonlighting at the dueling pianos. I tried to take better pictures, but alas, I couldn't get too close.... again, the stares a waddling preggers person gets at Jake Ivory's could cut a man.

Another milestone hit, the crib is now in the hiz-ouse! THANKS MOM!

Not with out incident. But of course.

We go to store number 1 and while we of course heart Ricky, we leave him at the hotel. It was for the best. Again, while we heart Ricky- walking isn't so much his favorite activity. Had Ricky come with us, I’m certain we would have lost him at stop 1. C's favorite activity, it turns out, is parking in East Bumble. He will literally take the first spot he sees once we enter a parking lot. Apparently he likes guarantees- I'm not saying we have to circle the lot until we find a parking spot right in front of the store, but at the very least I should be closer to the store then I am to our home. I have always made fun of him for this- however it was absolutely freakish when Mother had the same comments as me. How is that for scary? And if I do say so myself, yet another milestone... saying things your mother says. Frightening.

We go into store 1 and guess what? They don't have the crib. So off to store 2 which would have been a 10 minute drive if C didn't take the scenic route. You know it's bad if I noticed we were going the wrong way. We got to store number 2 and I do believe we got the very last crib in stock. Thanks be. Nursery has yet to be set up- but soon, very soon! Apparently it will rain on the 4th here, so maybe we'll get that done tomorrow. Once we have floor 2 set up we'll add more pictures!

Finally, the last of the milestones, complete ring abandonment. A few weeks ago, it became impossible to wear my wedding ring. Now, no chance for my engagement ring either. At least before it looked like C was trying to do the right thing, and marry me. Now, it's just me and this baby on our own in the world.

Of course no one has noticed, I don't think, except me. Oh how I miss my bling. Just add that to the list.

-J Co

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