Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beelzebub in the Hizous

1) I've officially turned into the devil after a certain point in the night. I'm mean. Straight up. My dad called last night, he said something to the effect of "I thought I would be talking to C..." so I threw the phone like a missile and it just about grazed his head. Turns out he thought he wouldn't be talking to me cause it was so late... that I'd be sleeping. He didn't know that it's not that I go to sleep early, it's just I loose my sense of humor or desire to communicate in words or have interpersonal contact. I usually resort to signs- like a monkey would use to communicate - like if I'm thirsty, I mime drinking. OR if ice cream is calling my name I'll fo' eat out of an imaginary mug.

2) Pinky-no-bra apparently has a similar doctors schedule that I do. For the 2nd time, post birth class- she has been in the office. Wearing the same shirt, same pants- and still no bra. I practically laugh in her face and I am likely going to hell. Debbie Downer actually confronted us today and asked if we were laughing at someone in the waiting room- I have no idea how she knew...

3) Still no baby. Not close, nothing has changed. At this point, they are going to let me go, for another week. Then they have to induce me. In the meantime, I have to be seen now 2x a week to make sure all is okay with the babe- and this just makes me cranky. The dr claims it could change at any point, however I'll believe that when I see that. I'm personally tired of her lies. I left a voicemail for my mom- and apparently the sound of my voice worried her she almost jumped on a train, thinking I was jumping off a building.

4) I’m obviously fit to be tied. It's clear- you would think. Sarcasm- which is the language of the devil- spoken by anyone but me evokes something in me. Sometimes I think C is afraid that I would be having our first child from a jail cell.

-Praying for a miracle, Evil and Preggers OUT.

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