Sunday, September 9, 2007

IT'S OFFICAL!!!!!!!!!!

After all of the stories, all of the complaining, all of the tears, all of the laughs... it's worth it. It was a whirlwind. All of it. And while I usually have some kind of drama or crazy story - maybe the fact that I don't have anything notable to talk about is the craziest of all developments.

As with most of things with us- it happened much like a romantic comedy. I woke up in the middle of the night, stomach pains were there- but they have been there for weeks now and I'm no fool- I'm not going to get my hopes up. It's likely gas- and you know I'm not going to be that girl who rushes to the hospital due to a miss-digested burrito, only to be turned away. I made my way to the bathroom, for my 3 am visit and before I could get there the waters came a flowing. Maybe this was more than the good ol' Mehican food I jonesed for earlier in the evening. I certainly didn’t have an adult accident- this was the real deal. The promised land.

It's time. And it was Saturday- so a WHOLE week before the due date, my unborn child does love me. It's time to make an appearance. I woke Chris up- who was startled but almost had calmness to him, which I didn't believe. He was ready. As if he had been preparing for it for months he grabbed my bag. I grabbed a shower and we took our time because the timing between the contractions that were actually making patterns- and per the on call doctor we were on track to meet this baby!

I'll spare you the details but remarkably the unthinkable happened. I got to the hospital with out incident. Breathed through the contractions, did the laps, walked around and when the going got tough, the tough got an epi. The drug of all drugs- blows my pal Bennie away. In record time, and certainly not the 20 hours I expected (4 hours- yes I WILL GLOAT) we welcomed BABY G.

And that's when reality hit.

I woke up- and realized it was Sunday morning and the 9th month has come and gone and no baby to speak of. I had a glorious dream of what was to come and no child to show for it. It's offical, today is 39 Weeks and 1 Day (9.01 Months)

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