Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pop Goes The Weasel Cause the Weasel Goes Pop

Funny would be if it happened once, notable since it happened twice.

Yesterday Chris and I ran some errands, and among them was lunch out at one of my newest favorites- Cheesecake which I've actually always disliked. I had a hankering for the Cobb Salad so off we went. And sat right on top of a family. A mom with two kids. During her pregnancy with her son, her second pregnancy, she had gestational diabetes- so she was really looking forward to the end with him. Her first, a daughter, is going to be a Senior at BC High School. Lots of information? I wish that was the end of what she shared with us.

Some additional information and direct quotes we learned from Chatty Cathy our lunch neighbor who would not take a hint or quit:

"Keep on pushing- that will get you what you want."
"What you want to happen is for your water to break, and the baby's head to act as a plug."
"At least with this, you get a prize at the end."

She started the conversation with, "Oh boy, any day, huh???"

I am still confused as to why total strangers want to talk about me about to "go" and how they went. This woman took it all to a whole 'nother level.

Later on that evening, as we went food shopping- yes hot date on a Friday night we were off to Stop and Shop for some food shopping! I was on the phone with my mom- when as I turned the corner a woman trying to get her 6 kids to make a decision about something- they stop abruptly.

"oooh weee Mama, you 'bout to pop or what!"

One of the kids tried to reopen the discussion they were having and I heard her say "hush now- ooo wee- any day, huh?" I said- "I hope" Chris said, "14 more days."

"ooh he's got a count!"

Then just when you thought she was done, some random guy with a belly that has dropped walked by and she said, "oh you too? You're 'bout to pop!"

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