Friday, September 21, 2007

What'd YOU do last weekend?

Word on the street is some couldn't see the slide shows posted.  Below I posted the albums, you have click into album cover below to go into the pictures. Hopefully this works, shoot me an email if it doesn't.

In addition to the hippie and awaiting the babe's arrival, we went domestic- and took a trip to Costco...

Pirates of the Costco

In posting those pics, I realized we didn't post our Labor Day adventures...

Labor Day Weekend 2007


  1. Hey Gs,

    I'm biting my nails and checking the blog obsessively! I am thinking about you guys and that stubborn babe in the tummy...Cole, you're closer to a Bud Light than you think! I love you guys!


  2. mmm. bud light. IF ONLY I took the dr up on the offer- I'd be at the hospital RIGHT NOW.


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