Saturday, September 15, 2007

God Bless the Hippy

Where dreams are made of- I'm telling you. It's also where I got a pregnancy massage. No carnie there. It was the best 60 minutes of my life. First of all, they had me lay on my stomach- which I haven't done in MONTHS so that was a HUGE treat. What do you mean? Lay on her stomach? I can hear you ask now- well they had a table where there were holes in all the right places- so you could lay front first. It was amazing. And while the girl that I went in with had a weak handshake - and I thought I was doomed, again, she wasn't like the carnie. OH no - this girl worked it out. She was a bit of a hippy- there was a lot of deep breathing, ohms and Afterwards she asked how I felt- I said it was the best massage I had ever gotten! She was happy- but said she really hoped I could share the feedback with her. She wanted to know what was so good about it. I was kind of a loss for words- because I didn't know why it didn't suck. It just didn't suck- but I didn't want to say that.

She was really happy I felt so positive about the experience, especially because she put a "lot of love into it."

I started laughing.

She was dead serious.
It was awkward.

But I walked out with a new hop in my step.. so I thank you for that love, Hippy at Urban Oasis, thank you. It was a great way to spend my due date, other than giving birth, of course.

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