Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Holidays, 'Cuse. Keep the change!

Never with out incident, I can not travel anywhere with out something happening. Beyond the usual, our biggest problem had to be fitting everything into the car. Since we weren't going to be leaving the baby in NY, much to the family's disappointment and we weren't going to be leaving the dog in NY, much to my disappointment- we had to cut loose some other items. Since woman and children got to stay, we had to go through and clean house. The first items to go were the mounds of Baby's First Christmas Ornaments. If you go out and look to celebrate your baby's first Christmas, turn around and go home. There are none to be purchased because they have been purchased already to celebrate L. At last count we were in double digits, Happy Holidays.

Another weight we had to let loose were all toys that were for 6+ monthers. It turns out the majority of the toys L got were not for infants. It also turns out L is a bonafied infant. We had boxes of 9, 12 and 18 month toys. They are sitting, stacked, in the closets we JUST emptied that once held our wedding presents. Now they hold every Playskool toy available in any given Toys R Us.

The last thing we had to unload was an after thought. A pink pouch, matches one of the many diaper bags that I have acquired.... chock full of every piece of cash and gift card we received this fine holiday season. Somewhere in the streets of Syracuse between the hotel, RiteAid & a random Wendy's off Route 87 is a happy Syracusian with mad money to kill at their local H&M.

Why couldn't I have just dropped the Glow Worm?

Happy Holidays.

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