Friday, September 10, 2010

Kid City - My City

Last week, I took the day off to spend the day with my girl. We've been eyeing Kid City in Middletown, Connecticut. Seriously check it.

The feedback and bottom line? A.Maz.Ing.

Why? Let me count the ways. 

GENIUS. A parent emergency kit. GENIUS.
air + balls + pigs = HOURS of happiness
In addition to balancing the balls on the air streams - you feed the piggy the balls and they are blown all over the place through a maze. What happens? Hours of happiness and screaming... 

"Piggies eat balls! He loves balls!"

Apple picking and manual labor!
Chalk. Walls. Fun.
Lunch break, holler!
For lunch we headed over to the New England Emporium. Holy. Fabulous. 

Yeah, I'm doing reviews. I want you to know where to head and what to do.  Did I get any for this? Heck no. That said, if New England Emporium OR Kid City want to throw me a bone - I wouldn't shake a stick at that! 

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