Wednesday, September 15, 2010

repost - Aruba Bahama Come on Smoking Mama

I've been thinking a lot about writing a post about what brings people to this blog and thanks to the SITS girls I have a specific reason to talk about a title I am particularly proud of.  By accident I titled a post something that would bring the bulk of new readers to the site. Now, how often they come back? That's another story. Just the fact that I am re-posting the title of the dang thing will drive more visitors here, according to statistical probability. 

Side note: I love stats. It's a problem. I love excel. I love percentages. We have a sick twisted love affair with each other. It's one of those black and white truths you can't question, and I love that. I'm a black and white girl.  

Aruba Bahama Come on Smoking Mama is one of the titles that I am most proud of. I think it's fun and it makes me smile. I love all play on words and phrases that people find familiar. That's probably why some runners up included: 

In addition to being fun, I'm also proud of it because it brings all the girls (and guys) to the yard. As I look at the stats and keywords of how people find me this here post has brought me people searching the following keywords:

  • smoking in aruba
  • smoking mama aruba
  • aruba smoking
  • smoking aruba
  • smoking aruba mama
  • smoking mama
  • aruba + smoking
  • aruba bahamas
  • aruba, bahama come on baby mama
    • Personal favorite. Don't know why.
  • bahama come on lady mama
  • bahama come on little
  • bahamas come and bring your mamama
  • growing up in aruba
  • raising de motocicleta en aruba
  • smoke in aruba
  • smoking guarras
  • smoking in aruba 2010
  • smoking mama pictures
Sure I'm attracting people looking for smoking mothers in Aruba, by in large, but dude I'm happy to have a new reader or two. Beggers can't be choosers.*

Thank you to SITS and to the sponsors of the Back to Blogging event, Standards of ExcellenceWestar Kitchen & Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.

*Disclaimer: I obviously do NOT encourage smoking mothers - or anyone smoking for that matter. It's a joke. 
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