Thursday, September 9, 2010

Where I Get My Genius On!

Today a learned a lot of things.  I learned what a meme is and how damn cluttered I work.  I heard about a one time meme through Laurin Evans and thought let's do this dance. She asked the question how do you do what you do?
Originally when we moved (I say recently a lot, but it's actually been a year) the plan was to rent while we look for a house and buy something. In the interim we'd be going down from a two family income household to a single income so we found a SMALL place with three bedrooms. One for us, one for the kid and a small office for the ball & chain.  He was going to be working from home. That was the plan.  I was going to stay home with L and I hoped be able to organize our life, myself and maybe even write a bit more, blog a bit more, do a bit more outside the walls of the office I was working in.  Enter a great opportunity to continue to work with the company I have been working with for 7 years.  Work from home, for a company I love and with people who have become more than colleagues, sure - why not? Maybe even having the best of all worlds? I punk'd myself and our plans for an apartment we had already signed for. What to do? Give the kid the smallest room which would have been the ball & chain's office - we figured she's 2 how much room does she need? The "master bedroom" and the largest room in the house became OUR office since we'd both be working from home. That's right, OUR office. 

It actually works, despite our completely different jobs, styles and volumes of voice - it works. 

We are different. Duh. You'll SEE how clear that statement is when you see our work space (you'll see, be warned). He likes to listen to music, I forget if it's on or not unless I'm working on some kind of statistic or report.  If excel is up - I'm usually listening to some kind of Jersey Shore - ish play list.  Fist pumping and beating the beat make formulas, formatting and data work for me.  I pace a lot when I'm on the phone from kitchen to living room (I forgot to take pictures of my path).  If my desk or desktop doesn't clue you in to how I work and/or how I write I don't know what to tell you.  I blog mostly from this cush little spot on the couch (you'll see), writing this bad boy here right now.  That said sometimes if I get an idea or start to think about some things I will draft them from my desk.  Sometimes if I need the quiet I'll go back to my desk and get things done.  My space may give you heart palpitations, but I assure you I know where everything is and there is a method to my madness. Confession: I may or may not have even straighted up a bit before the photos - but ONLY a little!

my go-to spot. me & my mac. my buddy. my girl.

Follow along with my mayhem, inspiration & space!
  1. Oh Edward. Half joke. Half favorite decoration. I would have a life size cardboard pop up if I found one out and about. He looks over me and I look at him when on long conference calls. Swoon.
  2. My bulletin board is my life line.  It stores all things important like rando bumper stickers, old holiday cards, fun greeting cards, things that make me smile.  Smiling = life life. Also a life line? Important numbers I can't seem to remember, including 4 digit extensions that I've known for years. The board has too many jokes that you'd have to "be there for" to describe but I smile every time I look up!  Cool artwork given to me by a friend that she found on her journey through South Africa. All good things go up on the wall.
  3. Books, CDs & etc - I'm some what (totally) obsessed with dummies books, instruction books and how tos. In. Love.  I keep a few close by just in case I need to remember how to do something. Right now blogging ideas & using my damn digital SLR camera which I can't seem to use properly, despite my best efforts.
  4. Dress I am due to wear in November that I may or may not be able to fit into today. 
  5. Music station that DJ Jazzy Christoph mans and my second book shelf for office supplies, computer / camera wires, battery chargers etc - it may all look like a hott mess but I assure you everything is labeled. You also can't see my overworked label maker, but she's there. 
  6. My to do pile, you saw the close up. Not soooo bad? Right?
  7. Oh files files everywhere. The ones to my left here are things I need in a quick grab. 
  8. Picture of me & my ex-work wife on a trip to Mexico we affectionately referred to as our Honeymoon-Springbreak 2004. Exes only because she moved and worked her ass off to become a nurse.  She's getting married in a few months and I am absolutely honored to stand up beside her in her wedding party. Only issue? See #4.
  9. Here (usually) lays my mac & iPhone. Multitasking is at it's best when I need to text, work off my mac because my PC is ticking me off or otherwise occupied. 
  10. Here stands dreams of projects or things to do.  Pictures to put in frames, albums, a craft box to do crafty things with (unsure what exactly), and boxes of L's artwork that the ball & chain can't seem to throw away. I can't say I help the matter - see red box full of art. 
Maybe it's because when I worked in an office where I could only have 2 personal items on my desktop, I've clearly gone rogue working from home. Continuing to work full time from home is ultimately a blessing, but it isn't always easy.  Figuring out the balance isn't always possible or easy (see wanting to post this before the end of the day and hoping that no one notices this is actually posting tomorrow), but I'll keep at it. I'll continue to make piles of things to do, sit in my spot, and TRY to make things happen. Oh and I'll also be buying my office buddy the most ridiculous souvenirs I can possibly find when I'm out and about.

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