Friday, September 3, 2010

Self, Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life

There are many reasons I love social media. I could count the ways. It's true.  Social media and the (obsessive) use of the computer has (perhaps) contributed to my suffering spelling, my distractions and my obsessions.  It has also opened my eyes and heart, kept me in the loop with world news (some say sad, but it is true) and introduced me to hilarious and meaningful expressions of life. 

Today, I need to call attention to a gift social media gave me. Reflections of Motherhood - produced by Go check them out. 

They asked moms if they could go back to right before they had their first child what would they tell themselves?  Check out the video and come back, won't you? 

Good stuff right? NO. 

When I laughed: Google doesn't have children.
When I teared: You are about to meet true love.

If I could go back I would give myself a talking to. It would go a little like this. 

Self, there are a lot of things I want you to know. I don't know where to start, though I know the questions you think you want to know. Like when is this going to end, is it going to be as bad as I think and for the love of God will I get my ankles back.  The answers are: Not soon enough: insist on a C section, tell them you want to schedule that sht like Britney Spears - you're welcome, yes, and yes. I know what you want to know, seeing as I am you - but there are things I need you to know. 

  1. It WILL be ok, even when you think it won't be. 
  2. Get ready to floored, what "they" say about not feeling anything like the love of a child, it's better. You'll never feel this kind of love, fear, happiness, frustration, freedom, you name it - you didn't even KNOW what it was before.
  3. Get ready to weep. You thought you had a quick trigger on the tears before? Nope. 
  4. You are right. They are wrong. No matter how many children they raised, they haven't raised yours. 
  5. Don't panic. You're going to be great, even when you think you aren't. You're the best Mama she will ever have. 
    What about you? What would you tell yourself before you became a mother or a father?

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