Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dear L,

Three years ago at this time, you weren't here just yet but you were well on your way. We waited forever for you, in so many ways. I was pregnant for almost a year (p.s. I'll forever be convinced you were actually 3 months at birth), your delivery took days, and the waiting for you to come home for the hospital was endless.  In retrospect, it turns out we were waiting for you before we even knew what we were waiting for. Worth the wait, doesn't describe it.

You are wise beyond your years and an old soul, that is for sure.  Your humor and wit is spot on, you have amazing comedic timing already.  You are beautiful beyond description.  To boot you are brilliant, but don't let that get to your head.  We love that you know who you are already.  When you are told how pretty you are, you are quick to correct them that you are "smart, too."  You aren't just a pretty face. 

We have some of those qualities, but in you it is enhanced.  We're funny (if I do say so myself), not horrible to look at and not to shabby on the smart front. The genetic mystery - besides your complexion, stunning blue eyes and wavy blond locks - has to be your athletic ability. The way you can throw a ball, hit a bat or kick a ball like a pro amaze us. 

Baby girl, pretty soon (not today - or anywhere in the 10 month vicinity, thank you very much) you won't be our only baby anymore but you will always be our first baby and the one who walked us down the road of the most amazing journey we have ever been on. 

We know the last year has been tough. We aren't always with you when we want to be. It hurts our heart how sad you get when we leave to go to the store knowing that you think we are pulling another disappearing act on you.  We hope you remember all the days we make up for it, instead of the days separately we miss your everyday. We do it ALL for you, everyday, every decision, every moment we think of you. 

Today on your third birthday we wonder how we lived all the years we did before you arrived. I suppose we were getting ready for you. You are worth the wait. 

Love you much. Love you always, 

Daddy & Mama

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