Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Obession


The cankles took my pregnancy experience places. I have to admit, I have a bizarre infatuation with the cankles. Watching them grow has been almost as fascinating as the buddha growing. At the end, they truly took on to look as the top picture shows... know whose feet those are?

hobbit feet

But like hobbits, those magical and crazy characters- my cankles did something mysterious and magical all on their own.


Take, the previous picture posted-

9th Wonder of the World: My Ankle circa October 2006:

Picture taken today 10/15/o7 a little over a year later:

The tan isn't there- but my girlish curves are coming back and Mama has got a direct line between her ankles, the angle isn't as hott- but I assure you live and in person I have my ankles BACK!

Pictures taken in the last week Oct 2007:

And a horrific walk down memory lane....
Sept 2007:

July 2007

And when the hysteria began, back in June 2007

RIP Cankles
You are not missed

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