Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wean Watch 2007

Getting that monkey off her back takes time, and we should spend most of our energy on positives, for example:
  • L is on no support in terms of oxygen (yeah!)
  • Is starting to get feeding from the bottle and the real deal holyfield (yours truly) (double yeah!)
  • All of her numbers/stats are perfection (triple yeah).
That's the great news, the bad news is the wean continues.

Today they tried out giving her fix PO (orally, you can call me Dr. G) and for the first time (this is the third time they have attempted to do this) she has kept it down. That could be a great thing, but with out this being consistent a few times/days we won't know for sure. As soon as they can get her to take the 'phine orally and keep it down (little known fact about morphine- going down it is blue, coming up it is green) they can take out her IV lead. This is, of course, great great news.

Poor little bug has tiny tiny veins and it is extra special difficult to give her an IV lead (just like her ma) and she has "blown" through 2 leads in the last week. The one she has now is on her hand/wrist so it is a matter of time before she takes care of that one herself- as you can see in a lot of the pictures she LOVES to have her hands on her face. Now that she has an ipod strapped to her arm and hand with IV connectors sticking out of it in perfect position to take an eye out- it just really ads flavor to her experience. They have to cover the connectors so it looks like she has a gauze or sock hand. Oh and the line is "positional" which means her tiny little wrist has to be in the perfect position for it to work- and for a girl that doesn't like to be told what to do or which way to position anything it is super fun for her, I'm sure.

By successfully going to a PO 'phine fix, it means we can go to "step down" which is off the ICU unit (holla) and it is one step closer for us to have a wireless bambina. Ah glorious.

She'll still have the monitors- but one less gadget to deal with when holding, kissing, hugging and changing her.

Many loose wires + messy diaper = disaster

In addition to successfully holding down her drugs the good ol'fashion way - they are also decreasing the dose AND the amount of times they are giving her this dose per day. It's a lot of changes that they weren't originally going to do- however they have to because the first dose of the 'phine hit her like a ton of bricks. This could be fantastic news- as potentially her body is ready to go down in this way. As I've heard just under a million times, she's the boss and every baby is different. How each babe metabolizes any drug or takes any treatment is different so they have to see how she responds and adjust accordingly.

Only time will tell- today might have been a big step in the right direction, toward the door home. Glorious.

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