Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wean Watch 2007

.06 is where we are at. She currently gets that every 4 hours. The plan is that today she'll be brought down to every 6 hours. Following that, we'll go to every 8 hours. Then the final step being a whopping ZERO. Oh glorious.

She is a bit temperamental, but is able to calmed, so it's fine. On the scoring side of things, we can take it. She isn't so much sleeping on long stretches of time, which means I'm not so much sleeping in long stretches but it's fine. All of these things and more are part of the wean, but if she can be calmed we can continue to wean and even take her home with scores of 5 - 6... how fun for our neighbors!

We get a new nurse every now and again so patience continues to run thin with the continuous suggestions and 'helpful' pieces of advice. Since it is clear they are all reading from the same script, I wish there could be a check list in our file so that they can see we've already been told I should bfeed here and have access to their wonderful LCs or how the NAS scoring card works. How little faith do their have in their colleagues? We've been here for 3 weeks, you think no one has mentioned any of this to me? Instead of that checklist there is likely a note stating that "Mom is a real biotch."

The plan with the morphine is pretty cut and dry, but for my sanity is touch and go. That's the plan- what reality will be- who knows but that is where we stand. We very well could be coming home this week- so keep sending those good thoughts, and keep praying. If you have any 'ins' with the big man upstairs, see if you have another favor to call in.

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