Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wean Watch 2007: Reclaiming Limbs and more!

L got her hand back! The IV is out and she has her hand back. In celebration she clocked me with the very hand that was tied down for a few days. She is keeping the dose down orally (through her feeding tube) and continues to try to eat the good ol' fashion way.

In WW news, her dosage is
DOWN DOWN DOWN! They took some big jumps since last I wrote- but so far so good! The math has been interesting- and they use a lot of formulas here- I keep begging the question, can't they make an excel spread sheet for this and plug in the numbers and formulas? It seems silly to rely on your fingers and a solar powered calculator in the dark.*

(kidding family, relax. This is a joke- not serious. Side note: not as fun to write when you have family refreshing the screen every 4 seconds and taking every word for the word of God and forgetting my sarcasm that isn't always the whole truth. Moving forward I will put a * after a fact if I embellished a little bit. This way I can avoid explanations like this one and keep the 'integrity' of my inner monologue. Family guilty of said reaction above, please email me so I know you got the message. You know how you are.)

Strangely it is all starting to make sense though (the formulas not our family). To give you some prospective, on Saturday she was at 1.6, every 3 hours, then 1.4 every four hours. By Sunday they had her come down to 1.o! Normally the rule of thumb is they go down by .10 each day but the way each person metabolizes drugs is different and as I previously said at 1.6 and 1.4 it was still too strong. The dose of 1 worked well, so we are back on the road of weaning.

We moved into the hospital- now that she can eat or at least attempt to eat we want to be here to make sure she tries each night. The nurses do try via bottle- but we can try both- well I can try both. Chris stayed Saturday- he will likely do weekends and I will do the weekdays. We'll see how that goes.

More tomorrow- but for now I must get settled into my new digs.

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