Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Truth Changes

Last night, I nearly lost my mind- but luckily I kept it together. More on that later. For now, just a straight up update with limited sarcasm.

L is having an okay to good day, although last night was an "okay" night not great, not bad. Yesterday, I thought we were going down by .15 every 12 hours (more on that later) but it seems what we need to do is look at her everyday and go from there because each day to come down by .15 isn't 15% of the total amount against her weight which would mean an increase that would be... you guessed it- too fast.

"While we want to remain aggressive, we can't go too fast otherwise she will crash."

Thanks Doc, how sensitive and bedside manner of you.

Yesterday she actually came down 25% total with both weans which is a huge jump. In going back and looking at the notes from yesterday I misheard the plan- which means we're even because these bees aren't always the best when it comes to keeping the plan straight. I thought we were going down .15 every 12 hrs forever moving forward and while yesterday we were supposed to do that, we did that this morning instead. The plan is actually moving forward each 12 hr period is a new period of time to evaluate where we are and where she needs to go. For now, but this too will change.

Right now she is down to .45 and at midnight she will be re-evaluated. She has also been taken off the tube feedings, to try it out- and we are feeding her "on demand." Unfortunately as some nurses have said, this is complicated because with the 'phine she doesn't want to eat. Every baby is different, so she might just be up for it - but so far not so much. Maybe in a few days if this works out, we can take out her feeding tube- which she successfully pulled out twice last night. Super fun.

Today our nurse is an LC- who C has described as a Walk-A-Thon enthusiast. Every cause, every weekend, that B is walking. She has a closet filled with t-shirts and water bottles from all the walk-a thons she has done. We'll call her Nipple Walker, for these purposes. She's an LC, so kind of a boob pusher- but she's been fair with the pushing and does give both sides the "LC thoughts" and the "Nurse thoughts"... you'd think these things would be the same- but they are not. Of course.

I am bfeeding when L wakes up if she wants to- otherwise pump pump pumping it up- so that I can go to bottle if I want, which Nip Walk is not a fan of, but "no judging" she has assured me. Yeah right. Whatever. Whatever it takes- I just want this baby home.

Now it's a waiting game- when she wakes up, what she'll do, we need to count flipping diapers and hope for the best, all the while making sure she isn't displaying any signs of withdrawal as she started to do (allegedly) last night.

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