Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ever find a fantastic product or service and to boot it's a kick ass mission or has value or ethic that rocks the house too? And then in other news, it's fun and hilarious?


One of my favorite parts come from the way they do business: 

"Modern Bird Studios doesn’t believe in the saying, ‘it’s nothing personal, it’s just business.’ Modern Bird Studios isn’t ‘just’ business, and Modern Bird Studios is something extremely personal to Gregg and to his family."

The even better part - their art is amazing. I found out about Modern Bird Studios by way of Scary Mommy.  I mean seriously how amazing is this? I started following on Twitter and I am SOLD. In going through their site - and then their blog I learned they interview bloggers which make for some fun and interesting reads, amazing dedications and even a photo tour of their diggs . Seriously. Totally. Sold.

Now I just need to figure out which freaking picture to choose and lord knows I have a 'few' to choose from. What would make me choose faster? Winning. OH to be a winner!

Emily, over at The Boutique Cafe is hosting a contest this week that would make me a proud winner of something like this (I'd use my own kid... of course that would be weird if I didn't?)  She sent in this picture ...


After much discussion on colors etc she got this:


No seriously. I NEED. Of course - our family but you get the idea.

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