Monday, May 3, 2010

(Not) Out of the Woods

Time is a funny thing.  At first, we were told that we needed to wait three days to see how things would turn with Abelle.  3 days came and went and then we were told 2 weeks (after not being told of this magic 2 week period) and now 3 total weeks since the debacle and there is more waiting. Why not disclose all these times at ONE time?

I brought Abelle for her follow up appointment and thanks be to geez I was able to get her in with the real doctor and not Doogie.  Here's the thing - now that we are past 2 weeks into 3 we are STILL not done waiting and the pup is STILL not in the clear.  That said, it looks good.  We have to continue to limit her exercises which the dog is not really loving. I mean, little does she know that it's rest or rest in peace - so I'll take her getting annoyed.  For a good picture on how she will continue, we'll need to wait a total of 6 weeks (new number anyone??).  It could take months for her to 100% back - and she may not ever be 100% back to normal but everyday we should see a little bit of healing, which we have.  She'll always be prone to this sort of thing, so the Doc recommends getting steps... onto our furniture. I keep trying to explain, she isn't actually allowed on the furniture.  I guess even with that the case if she wants to go on the furniture and she isn't listening we should make it easier to avoid continued ruptured discs. I'm going to table the steps possibility, for now. 

We're going to keep on, keeping on for the next few weeks. She still trips up from time to time but I'm hoping in a few months she'll be running around.  Not too fast or on slippery surfaces or up a hill or down steps... hopefully she'll just mosey.

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