Monday, May 24, 2010

Popcorn = The Key to Success

Sunday we went to the movies for the first time with the kid. It could have been the best idea ever or perhaps the worse. We got there and was informed that we were in the Odyssey theater. All I needed to know was is it in 3D, that wasn’t going to fly. It wasn’t – but apparently it’s the largest theater around. The screen is 5 stories high.

We had been talking how “cool” it was going to be when the lights went off and how fun it was going to be because it would be so loud. She was buying it hook line and sinker. Loving life and eating popcorn our of a bucket she probably could have sat in with room to spare.

Loving life.

Then it got a little hairy. It was t&g for a few minutes when they started the movie. There was an ad for the hibachi place we recently had to evacuate. I was worried.

The worrisome feelings were quickly washed away with pure panic as the first movie preview was this fantasy M Knight Something-or-Another movie featuring special effects in 3d-ish of you guessed it. FIRE.  The description of the movie, I hope can paint a picture.

Aang (Ringer), a young successor to a long line of Avatars, learns that he possesses the power to engage the Fire Nation and hopefully end their century-long war against the Water, Earth, and Air nations.

Oh Fire Nation, of course. Does that not “do it” for you? Here is the preview we saw – now picture it 5 stories high.  Pitch black. And so loud, I’m surprised you didn’t hear it where you were on Sunday.

At :09 I’m thinking, Oh I hope that flying thing isn’t scary.
At :12 I’m thinking, Mother chuck, are you freaking serious?
At :30 Oh great flying thing AND fire. Awesome. 
It’s at this point she grabs C’s arm so tight, I thought he’d come home with out it.
At 1:31 Please don’t find water frightening now. Please Jesus.
At  1:49 I’m thinking – Pack your bags we’re outta here.

We asked if she was ok, if she was having fun. If she was shocked and never going to speak again. I then asked her to blink if she could hear me. I decided, despite of her lack of response, we’d solider on.

Side note, really movie theater? Really – before freaking Sherk we’re going to have a fire,war sequence? You think glow in the face 10 year olds fighting dragons and fire make sense? Come on. Pull yourself together.

Despite an opening scene with some pitch forks and more fire, she eventually let go of C (long enough to grab some more popcorn) and we knew it'd be OK.

She loved it, she finally let go, laughing at the funny parts and yelling at the screen like a good little distracter should. When Sherk would get himself in trouble she’d ask “Ooooh NO! What’s gonna happen?!” It was really fun.

As we left she said Sherk was her favorite movie.  She looked at me and proclaimed,  "Momma that was fun, funny. I love Movie and popcorn." 

It turns out bring enough candy and popcorn she'll sit through a movie. The was the secret to our success.  Stomach ache be damned!
Personally, I’m thrilled; movies are possible! Toy Story 3 here we come. I pointed to the movie poster on the way out – to get her excited for our next trip to the movies.  She wants to go "tomorrow". Middle of June will have to be good enough!

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  1. Some of the previews before kids movies are crazy! My youngest has a fear of loud noises and the previews have him clinging to me and hiding his eyes. The peaople that plan these things must not have kids! Glad she had fun though!


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