Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who IS This Girl?

There are a lot of things that confuse me about L. Blond hair, blue eyes, super tall, albino white skin. If she didn't look like C would if he were an adorable little girl or make my facial expressions every once in awhile I'd swear I picked up the wrong child.

Her girliness is no different. It is no joke. She loves pink and purple, dresses and HEELS.  No seriously, she loves to wear heels. I repel heels.   Every once in awhile I forget how different we really are and then BOOM I'm smacked upside the head with a love of heels.

The last few days she's been chatting about getting her nails done.  We aren't 100% sure where she got this notion from.  In the babysitting room at C's gym he thinks there is a little girl with nail polish. Next thing I know she is asking daily about her dang nails.  It's kind of too cute so off I went to the store, because lord knows I don't have any nail polish up in this piece.

Oh that and she wanted blue.

What's a mom to do but make sure her girly girl smiles like she does when she gets a look at her painted nails. As soon as she got her nails done - she asked Dora (on DVD) if she liked her nails.  Then she took a long stare at her hands, looked at her Daddy and pronounced - "Daddy. I need rings." 

There's my girl.

Now he is trying to get her to say - "If you like it then you better put a ring on it" Awesome. The teachers will just love this tomorrow


  1. How cool is it going to be for her when she grows up and gets to read back on this blog, these videos, etc? Beats all the yellowed-photo albums we all have. Well done mama!

    PS I still think you have the cutest kid ever.

  2. I know /I just hope she likes it as much as I do. I want to get each year printed - a story book of our life... just haven't gotten around to that yet. The best laid plans!

    PS. I agree. She is. PPS. Thanks.

  3. She is the cutest and how lucky she is to have such a cool MOMMA! Love the idea of the year are amazing!

  4. She is so big and so cute and such a good talker! I loved this video.

  5. OMG - I seriously need a daughter. She is too cute!


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