Friday, May 14, 2010

Unexpected Wonderful

Seven years (and a few months) I made an important shift.  I started a new job for the first time in a long time. I was the new kid on the block.  I walked in to my team room, taking it all in.  While I had been out of college for a few years at this point and have held several positions, moving up quickly with in management teams and positions, I was in a different world.  I worked in smaller groups, never in large offices and frankly didn't know what I was in for.

The building was gorgeous.  Bright beautiful colors on the walls, with in the office furniture - there is a freaking pond inside.  Chipper people, everyone is smiling, the floors are color coded - I mean in comparison on where I was coming from (more on that at another time) I thought I should be skipping to my desk. I almost did.  I remember walking into my team room - holding seven of us comfortably with these massive desks the likes of Ikea would be proud of. Bright things were ahead, until I met my teammates. 

With my 'desk buddy' I was face to face with the happiest person I have (yet) to ever meet. Like sugary sweet, too much time you might get diabetes. For real. She has never cursed (true story).  A favorite of mine was her alternative for shit. Sugar Foot. True. I am fairly certain I called my mother to tell her about this, it really concerned me that she had never cursed before. Seriously, isn't that concerning? Her response will show you how or why I might think that is so confusing.

"What the fuck is Sugar Foot?"

We'll call this bird the Sweetheart. My desk buddy, scared as I was of her nice always smiling and creepy true and honest love for all, my desk buddy she was.  Sugar foot and all.

Across from me was THE Bride.  I learned a lot about weddings during the months leading up to her big days.  Beyond all things, I learned you can be frightened down to your soul and rarely show it. Sugar to my front, beyond frightening to my left and there I was in the corner or vortex of confusion.

Next to THE Bride, was the Guy.  The only guy for as far as the eye could see (for the most part).  At first, he creeped me out.  He was forever offering back massages.   Sure, it was like shooting fish in a barrel but give it a rest Casanova. NO I do NOT want a massage.  (Fast forward - I have to say I eventually gave in and pretty amazing.  The back massage, get your head out of the gutter.)

My boss, let's keep it simple - the Boss, sat in the corner, literally on top of her screen.  She would use a paperweight glass to see statistics and never said hello when we saw each other in the hallway.  To be fair, I found out later she was legally blind - but no one told me. For weeks, I just thought this bird was nuts.  I also once told her she shouldn't sit so close to the computer screen, she could go blind. Turns out I was a little late.

In the corner were two desk buddies that I'm fairly certain didn't speak. At all.  I called them both the mute girls. One had a velvet skirt on day one, I believe it was blue with a black shirt. I called and phoned a friend on this one.  I am habitually a pretty horrid dresser - but even with the (lack of) skills I have I was pretty sure black, blue (and I think brown?) combinations and velvet were out.  I needed to check in on that though, I could be wrong.  These two birds - didn't talk for what I believe to be weeks or months.  I'm not sure.  They were really successful with the role though - they had happy customers, happy teams, all was happy in that corner of the world.  I don't recall how I found that out though because again, no words.

I remember telling people that I didn't know about this job or this environment.  I'm working closely with these seven people and they are so not my people.  Not even close. I didn't think I'd find my people in this team or even cross teams. I didn't see it.

I must have been as blind as the Boss (yea I did).

  • The Sweetheart was the FIRST person I called when I realized I had a crush on C.
  • The Mute (non velvet) has become a trusted friend, colleague, confident and home girl bails me out of many situations - including allowing me to borrow her veil for my big day.
  • The Mute (velvet) was in my wedding and this summer I am honored to be apart of her big day.  (Now called my B.) Despite being in different states and sometimes different time zones we fell in love despite the velvet and I consider her one of my best for a lifetime kind of friend.

Three incredibly influential people who remain my friends today.  There are more characters in this crazy band, but I'll start here.


  1. I know who boss and the velvet mutes are but I am not sure who Sweetheart is?! You have to email me and tell me!

  2. I read today's post, which referred to "some of my very best friends" who you met at work. I'm now commenting. No mention of yours truly. No love, no love...

  3. Did you not see my parting words? "Three incredibly influential people who remain my friends today. There are more characters in this crazy band, but I'll start here."

    You're in the band - both of you crazy bastards. DUDE. I got you to comment though... so that's a positive step and you ARE mentioned in past posts... well not specifically but "the trifecta" is all about you. I'll work on that.

    KDog who's who is coming your way!


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