Friday, October 29, 2010

blogs need trick or treats too

Me: This year we're dressing up for Halloween. 
You: Of course you are, you're obsessed. 
Me: Oh yeah? But did you know how obsessed I really am? This year the BLOG is dressing up too.
You:  Why? How? What? How bananas are YOU? 

The how and the what?  You'll have to wait until all Halloween for that, my friends. How bananas am I? I think the picture speaks for itself.  The why? Why the hell not?  I'll tell you the how I got the idea though.

The other day Gregg over at The Lame Sauce sent a tweet about sending him a funny picture. Do you know which one I thought of immediately? It's actually made an appearance here a few times lately, as recently as yesterday. The ball & chain and I Halloween circa 2006.  

The tweet got me thinking back to when that Halloween when we came up with, what I consider, a pretty legendary costume. The point could be made that without us standing next to each other, I kind of looked like a sloppy call girl and he looked like a Russian immigrant... but together? Together we were magic. After the party I put together a little email to some friends my entire address book because damn it, it was too fun not to share. That was pre-blogging days. I've admitted I have a bit of an issue.  That hording habit has given me an opportunity.  Don't hate the game.

I saved that email and for all those that weren't in my address book at the time, you get to reap the benefit. For all those that got the email? You want to see it again, bigger and better, don't you? Well wait no further.... well wait, but only until Sunday. You think you've seen it all with a picture here of the Olsens, but I assure let me assure you, you haven't seen anything yet. 

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