Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hoarding Habits

There comes a time in a hoarder's life where you realize your habits have paid off in spades. Last night was one of those times.  I may or may not have a slight issue with keeping things I will never need again. It's in my DNA, I save things.

I remember when I was a teenager, my mom and I were cleaning out the kitchen and I came across a drawer filled with cookie cutters.  I went to go through them out. My logic was simple, I had never seen my mother bake a cookie that needed cutting for my entire life up until that point, I think I was 16 or 17.  The chances of her becoming a baker or cookie cutting machine was slim to none.  You would have thought I was throwing out bags of gold coins based on her reaction.  We did not throw out said cookie cutters, I have yet to see a cookie baked or anything made that needs a cookie cutter.  Ah the symptoms of a hoarder. It's genetic. I don't have a drawer of cookie cutters I'll never use but I do save other stuff.  Now, I keep my disease under control by using my OCD-like powers for good.  I may or may not love organization.

In my professional life, there is a misnomer that I love color coding.  It's not that I hate it, it's just that I'm not as obsessed as I am believed to be. I do like things in an order though.  When I find myself holding on to things that seem ridiculous I organize it (see here: over organize at times) to avoid clutter and the appearance of a hoarding household.  I may or may not label everything, even L's drawers. Sure she can't read, but I like it to be clear where things go.  I like things to have a place.  For example, manuals, directions and those warranties that I never read. I have a magazine holder full of them and a 6 inch binder full of them.  We're talking years worth.  We get another one, I pull down the binder from a shelf that basically touches my ceiling in my office and add it to my collection. Note to self: another symptom of too much stuff in your house is when you have shelves that touch your ceiling.

Any who. We've been putting off taking L out of her cage crib.  She's 3,  it's time.  She's now successfully all over the potty training situation she should have free reign to get out and do her business. How ever will I figure out to transform the crib into it's second phase form of a toddler bed? How?

I'll tell you how- hooray for hoarding tendencies. The manual and extra parts are where they are supposed to be. Holl.Er.

My baby girl is out of her cage and loves her big girl bed.  She read the manual to me, as I put together her new bed. I asked her what it said and she read it out loud to me.

"And then you will have a big girl bed. No cryin. No sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed. No cryin'. You get a Dora blankets cause you have a big girl bed. You are a big girl."

Last night we put her to bed, this time she could get in herself. I took pictures. I may or may not have teared up a bit and then I promptly put the directions away because soon enough that toddler bed will need to transform into its final phase (full size bed) or maybe, just maybe, back its original form - a crib.  When that time comes, this hoarder is going to be prepared.

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  1. Whilst I do not keep manuals (throw them away with the packaging stuff comes in - don't start twitching). I do always know how to fix, change, transform thanks to my online floor to ceiling filing system known as google. Had to take apart a crib that was up since Gwen was a baby - Google. Fix the sewing machine that jammed - google. Fix the leaking sunroof in our VW - you got it baby - google. :)


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