Thursday, October 21, 2010

Poop Palace & Party Parades

Maybe you heard, we are in the middle of Poop Gate 2010.  L has been in the process of potty training, regularly, since early summer.  She has been sitting on the damn potty for well before that.  I don't know what is worse, the fact that she's been at forever or that it felt that it was never going to end.  About two weeks ago we got the good word that L could come to school with underwear on, despite the rules they have on coming in with no safety net with out consistant action on the toliet.

Yesterday before the ball & chain left to pick the kid up from daycare he said they would go to the store after pick up.  This worked for me, I had a few more things to get done and it's easiest if I don't have to shove my adoring child out of my office wielding lies of just 'one more minute.'  I thought I blacked out in productivity when they were home for what seemed like 5 minutes later. 

L ran into my office with the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face, while my baby daddy screamed from the living room, "Mom, L has something to tell you!"  

Side note: I hate when people I didn't birth call me Mom or Mommy. The exception is when those that do (you know who you are) call me Mamma. You get that because that's my name to you - not a name you call me for lack of knowing what my name is or you're referring to me with out addressing me, directly. It might not make sense but I hate when a doctor, for example, walks into an examining room and says "How is Mom doing?" OR "Mom, how is L?" It might PTSD.

I digress, I forgive him though, despite my preference that he would have been screaming, "L go tell YOUR Mom what you have to tell her!" Though I am 99% sure that he was screaming to avoid the said pushing my child out of my office.

She ran into my office with the LARGEST smile I have ever seen. Pausing for a moment and then screaming as loud as she could, "I have a surprise for you!" 

I honestly had no idea what the hell she was going to tell me - she always has surprises.  She ate her lunch, she went outside on the playground, or just an I love you. Not such a surprise but I love it every time, so it could have been that she was going to drop the L word.  

And then one of the most beautiful sentences I have ever heard....


Now to be far, my dear husband coached her (and not for the first time) on the "Now, pay up!" piece to her announcement but pay up I will. She's had her eye on a castle at the toy store next to the gym she goes swimming at - so we were off. They didn't go to the store before coming home because she was so excited.  Who wouldn't be? Poop on the potty, stickers at school every single time (seriously she will do anything for a damn sticker) and now a castle? 

First, we had to call Nana Lu to tell her the big news.  We dialed L did her whole "I WENT POOPY ON THE POTTY! AND I WENT THREE TIMES! NOW, PAY UP!!!!!!!!" bit and the man on the other line informed us we called the wrong number. (TRUE. STORY.)

We went to get the castle, smile on our faces and pride in my heart. All of that came to a crashing halt when I got a look at the castle. It was SUPER affordable - dare I say cheap and super crappy. The Prince has a receding hairline and his face is melted. I went through the store searching and trying to convince her on other toys, I even contemplated trying to talk her into walking into the fab toy store up the street where we could easily end up dropping hundreds of dollars. I pulled myself together and proudly paid for the crappy castle my baby girl was getting for getting shit done. 
Oh yeah I did. 

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