Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quote Boards - The Life of the Party

The story behind the music: last year, L had a Dora the Explorer Party. Despite my best efforts to not have a Dora party this year - it happened and she wanted one. I needed to bring a little change to the whole thing - so I added Diego. My thought process was this: if we add Diego - I can legitimately put together a photo both of sorts. If you haven't seen Diego - it's like Dora but a boy - less screaming and rather an a backpack side kick like Dora, he has a camera voiced by the incomparable Rosie Perez.

Photobooth-esq  scenes filled my little planning head and then I found this over at the Photojojo Store!

Photo credits: Photojojo and the magical people of Photojojo!

Can you say EVEN BETTER? 

I set up streamers just like the photos, in Dora themed colors, of course.  I made sure I had a tripod ready to go, I got the chalk board out, everything was prepared and ready to G.O. 

The only flaw in my plan was to actually execute the idea.  Turns out a bender the day before and a house full of friends and family will throw a MAJOR wrench into the plan. The good news is I eventually remembered to break out the fun, it's too bad 98% of the people who were there had left - but next time? I'm all over it. 

No go out and buy this crowd pleaser, or invite me over and remind me to bring (and use) this fabulous party fun.  Buy the Chalkboard Speech Bubble at the Photojojo Store it does a body good.

(whoopie pie people... get your head out of the gutter)
Really a 2 pronged joke - aided by the board AND the snuggie. Yes. That's a snuggie.
Best party fun game? Do NOT tell the person you are holding the quote board behind what it says. Good times.
Everybody loves it... even the bowl of pasta & sauce.

That's the deal people. Good stuff. 

Oh and while this is by NO way a sponsored post.  That said, hey Photojojo peeps - you can FEEL free to send along any ol' thing for me to have fun with.  Maybe that post could be written using the chalk board? Hello... good idea people!  I have to add one more thing. I didn't realize when ordering this board with other goodies that the chalk board may not be shipped on time for the party. I emailed and with in a day I got a super friendly (and witty) response and they worked out my order.Super fantastic customer service people, it's practically unheard of.  Another fun take away from this fantastic and fun shop? These paddles. TBD on those - but I'll let you know if they are just as fun!

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