Saturday, October 9, 2010

Potty Training: Taking the Next Step

When did I become the person who needed to update her Facebook status to talk underwear?  I don't know when it happened but the second the ball & chain came home from picking L up and provided me with some excellent news all I wanted to do was figure out a way to put it out there.  The update to give it justice is too long to status update so here we are.

At L's school there are some strict rules about potty training.  We can't send the kid in with out diapers until she goes 100% at home all things, all the time, for three long days. 

Back story: L has been going number 1 no problemo since July.  An accident here or there, but not for awhile now.  The next step in this potty training business? That my friend is another story.  It's a shit show. Yes, I just went there and NO not literally, which is the problem.

Yesterday, however, we learned we might be throwing caution to the wind at school and getting shit done.  Yes, I just went there and YES I mean literally. 

L's teacher informed us that "they had a meeting and all talked" and think, despite the school's rules about not coming in with diaper until she does all deeds consistently for 3 days straight that actually BREAKING that rule is what she needs to get this potty training bologna over with.  They think it's the push she needs.  Hell, I say push away.  Apparently the ball & chain didn't believe the teacher as she was pitching this idea.  The teacher took this disbelief as a sign that we wouldn't be on board with this idea. Honestly, it's quite the contrary.  We think this is a great idea but know how the rules work at school.  I love the school for the rules and structure they have, but this bending of the rules is another thing I love about the school.  Apparently L and her three teachers "met" and talked about the whole thing - and it looks like they are all in agreement. Underwear all day everyday on Monday.   It's usually just the weekends that we go wild with no diapers.  Another reason I love the teachers? They know she needs this to get over the whole fear of pooping thing (yup, just went there) and they KNOW that accidents will in fact happen.  They know all of these things and BOOM for the good of the kid they are going to let the shit hit the fan or the pants, as it were.

Hallelujah. L is going to daycare on Monday with no diaper and approximately 48957 changes of clothes. 

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