Monday, November 12, 2007

School Is In

While Nana Lu was in Boston visiting she was to help and teach me all about babies... turns out we needed to school her a few things.

Some examples are:

1. "Pushin the bush" definition.

While C had to roll me around in my wheels, right after my surgery, she started singing "pushin the bush pushin the bush" we asked if she knew what that meant... she did not. To her surprise the song actually says "push in the bush." This is what she gets for rapping and performing a song by Goastface Killah. While we didn't officially explain word for word what it means there was motioning and dancing to explain the song lyrics and why it is one that you shouldn't sing as pedestrians walked on by.

2. add "in bed" after your Chinese fortune cookie.

We can't remember who but one of us had a fortune that informed us to "play games in life."

3. the meaning of W.O.W.

She thought it had to do with wrestling, not Opie and Anthony reference. Whip'em Out Wednesday is yet another learned lesson from her dear son-in-law and daughter.

4. the magic of text messaging.

5. the term 'bitches' is actually an endearing phrase.

That's how C would call on his ladies. Oh what a surprise for Nana Lu, she really did learn a lot about her son-in-law.

Nana Lu was here for a little over a week, back in September and then came back again when L came home from the hospital. She stayed with us for the first week L was home. And while we say we taught her a lot- you know the real deal is that she helped us big time. Plus she was fun to have around. C loved having her around the most- everything he hopes that I'll do (make our bed, start dinner- you know be a good wife) Nana did. It was a good week! She left on the 5th ... that's how far behind we are with all of this.

Motherhood is fun, fabulous, tiring and doesn't leave time for quick wit and sarcasm like pregnancy does, I'll tell you what.

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