Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Visitors Welcome!

Since Nana Lu left we have had a bunch of visitors. L loves, we love it- Anabelle freaking really loves it. The more people, the more attention she can get. Although the more attention she gets the less and less she likes to listen to yours truly. But Abelle even gets visitors... like when Shan & Sean Lane came over with Brady their pup that looks like Abelle's brotha from anotha motha. Abelle got a friend for the night, L got to meet her long awaiting fans, and we got to hang out drink some beer and eat some pizza. Sounds like a simple activity but it was great!

Pop Pop & Cami came to visit last week, it was a quiet visit. It was nice to just hang out and relax. Then there was a variety in drive bys! Tessa came through. She teased us for a few days to the point Nana didn't believe "this Tess" existed and her lasagna was even more of a figment of our imagination. She's real and she brings with her goodies! We also had a visit from Mandy at some point in this mix, over the weekend but I'm not even sure when.

There was a day or two I was on my own- and while there were some worried folks out there- we made it through. Over the weekend, in addition to welcoming our au pair (who looks like a 2nd or 3rd cousin from Mexico) we had a full house!

Aunt Dar Dar and Uncle Luckas Pukas, A & U E Squared and their adorable Julianna came to play! Baby J was freaking amazing with her little fo'cousin. Soon after they got back on the road Ol'Gramie, Gramie & Poppa came to meet and greet with the pest.

Most recently Carla came through and got to meet our third roommate over the summer- since we shared an office and talked about the pending arrival it was surreal to have her there.

Visitors welcome, so come on over! And NO no lasagne is required! Just get ready to fall in love, cause she is amazing!!!

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