Friday, November 23, 2007

What will they think of next?

Disclaimer: As I write the blog post, I recognize the irony of my next compliant.

Ah email, what a glorious invention. Now, I'm not sure what I would do with out it, but think back to when you were first introduced to this crazy and wild world wide web. Instant messaging, cell phones, text messaging- there are growing the ways to not ever have to talk to anyone but keep in touch.

There are blogs and the ability to post or send photos or videos in seconds so that friends and family can literally see you in seconds, though you might be states or time zones away. There are advantages to this, and I fully take advantage of them all. I use and abuse these resources every chance I get. In fact, I fully recognize the reason for this very blog is it is the lazi(wo)man's mass email. They tell the story, give the details with out ever having to pick up the phone. I love to tell a story, but to tell it 100x. No thank you.

Then there is reconnecting with people. Back in the day, I'm told there were reunions (unless you went to a bunk high school like I did). I joined Friendster to keep up with college friends, find high school friends- some used it to meet people, it was the new thing. I learned quickly that Friendster was useless- mostly because people could "see" that you were peeking in on them. And no one liked that. Next came MySpace, which truthfully I spent an embarrassing amount of time 'finding' people. Not so much to reconnect with, mostly to find and say "WHHAA the ... " That being said some reconnecting was done, so it wasn't so much useless as my brief Friendster experience. Now, as soon as I get comfortable with all that I get a message via gmail chat (a medium between instant messaging and email if you aren't 'online') that I have to get onto Facebook.


Is there a gun to my head? Someone forcing me to put together and update yet another profile No.

Off I went, updating and putting together a facebook membership. The next thing they should come up with should be technology like a universal remote. A universal profile that I can plug into every new site or whatever the next big thing is. OR I could just stop the insanity. But I won't- I'm too curious. Although this facebook thing- it is confusing me and I need a tutorial. I don't get it and it seems pretty freaking easy- so it's embarrassing. You have all these options, "gifts" to give that are a cartoon icons. They seem to cost a dollar? Who the hell is going to pay for a clip art? And you can poke people, including throwing goats at people. Some might say, don't get into it. Others might say I'm too old. Most might say who has the time? Either way I don't get it... yet I can't wait to see what's next.


  1. Fascinating. As someone who is supposed to be in the field of sales and marketing to these yoots, I figured it was time for me to check this out as well. Given that most of these kids have the attention span of a flee, I'm not sure how they do it. I was bored within a minute. Maybe less.

    I wonder if we'll ever see a trend of people staying in touch by doing things like going out together or maybe even talking every once in awhile. Call me forward thinking, but this might just catch on. I officially sound like Andy Rooney now.

  2. said the now addicted facebook junkie.


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