Thursday, November 1, 2007

"We have 3 people."

On Tuesday, L went on her first outing to her first real doctor's appointment. Sure after 30 days of being in the hospital being seen by multiple doctors a day- you'd think this wouldn't be a milestone and it isn't. Getting her out of the house, that's a milestone.

While we sat around to discuss the game plan of the day, C said I was over thinking everything, "we have 3 people, 1 baby how hard can this be?"

Nana Lu (my mom) is back, she arrived on Monday to help- mostly to spend some time with our recently freed wireless daughter. Between the three of us, surely we could get her out of the house in time for our 2 pm appointment. Afterward our plan included doing a bit of shopping- as 90% of her clothes will fit her dolls one day, not her bootylicious 11 lb hiney. After wrapping up lunch, we thought we'd get an early start on everything. We dressed her, put on one of her new coats and attempted to get her in the car seat, which is apparently always going to be an issue. And when I say we, I mean we- because it takes an army to wrap up a little girl with a strong will. As soon as we got her strapped in she realized that she was hungry and went wild while we scrambled to calm her.

Eventually we got to the hospital, however it took about 30 minutes to load up the car. Between the diaper bag, bags of clothes, the stroller base, the three of us- furthest from grace. In addition to all of this hub bub with the Sox winning the World Series there was the parade to celebrate going right past the hospital, where we were headed. We literally just made the light so it allowed us to get in on time- but that could have been yet another story. Which, coincidentally- I don't know if you heard- but in addition to 10/28 being a kick ass day because we got to take our baby home there was some unexpected icing on top. With the Sox winning the World Series the Guarracino's won too. Back in the day, when we moved into our apartment we couldn't get our old couch up the stairs. We went to Jordan's furniture store and purchased our couch and kitchen table... it's not because we had faith in the Red Sox or thought we are usually so lucky we'll win it all. We needed a couch and the kitchen table was reasonably priced! Sunday, like I said was a good day!

The babe is healthy, happy and the doctor says doing great! She is 11 lbs 10 oz and 23 inches. The only disaster that took place was in the loading and unloading of L in and out of the car seat and dressing and undressing her. As we left the office she showed the whole waiting room how hearty and healthy her lungs really are- screaming so load I'm surprised you didn't hear her. The on lookers looked as between the three of us, we couldn't mange to get her coat on with out upsetting her. 3 adults, 1 baby and no soothing in sight. One of the on lookers couldn't stop laughing at us... with her 3 children. Yup, 3 kids and 1 adult and everything easy breezy. She was clearly amused by our inability.

In other news, our baby has a mullet. True story.


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