Sunday, November 25, 2007


Whip'em Out Sunday - that is what today was.

I've never been a big fan of the public bfeeding thing. Nana Lu, in hopes that I would continue bfeeding, assisted with purchasing props to ease my ability to just feed the baby. There are these aprons of sorts. They are called Bebe au Lait for the classy and Hooter Hiders for the others. I am of course one of the others. Anyway, I have my Hooter Hider, so in theory I should be ready to go. No need to be embarrassed or modest because I have a fashionable and functional cover up!

Today we went out and about. When it was time to eat for us it became time for L to eat, what to do? I felt at ease, I went into the diaper bag (which is also my purse) and fished around for my Hooter Hider. That was until I realized where it was, on our couch, back at home.

What to do? We had ordered, we were hungry and L was T minus 30 seconds away from going from adorable waking up stretchy baby to psycho birth control presence of a baby in the middle of a restaurant. It was T&G (touch and go)- until I got Macgyver on the situation. I took my sweater and turned it around so that the back of the sweater was now facing out and I put my arms in it to act as a curtain to feeding time at the zoo. If we didn't have things to do, I would have just gone and sat in the car in the parking lot- but that would require additional time. Plus I've been doing a lot of reading, and while I'm not 100% comfortable with it- it's something that many a bfeeder gets angry about! So fight the power, fight the man- feed your kid, no apologies! Heck no. The girl has to eat!!!!

That was until I had no fancy hider and the tent that I rigged up failed me. I was in a corner booth facing the back so who would see me? This poor waiter who didn't know what hit him as he turned the corner as I readjusted. No tent, no cover, no baby even somewhat shielding my goods. Poor bastard. All I could do is say, "And that's the biggest tip you'll get today. " We were at a restaurant named "Orleans" and there I was like it was Mardi Gradis and I'm trying to get beads.

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