Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Gs of Boston had the first TDay at home, ever! For years we've traveled, even when we were kids, for the big day and dinner. This would mean traffic on the way to and traffic on the way home, and sometimes traffic in between. This year no traffic to be seen! Just relaxation and fun- no commute, no fuss, no mess. Fun fun fun. This year we decided we would open our doors to any and all who may not have plans- a Misfit Island of sorts for Thanksgiving. It turns out we were the only ones in need of such a retreat!! It was perfect.

Together (read here: mostly C) we put together the best dang Thanksgiving Dinner ever! We brined a turkey (brineing is the new black, every one's doing it), made stuffing, roasted potatoes and string beans. Oh and that ca-ca canned cranberries that people like. I tried it, and said "NO more." Like I said, it's ca-ca.

We started the morning off right with the Macy's Day Parade and mimosas! There are host families out there that worry that their au pair will drink too much, the G's are bringing to you au pairs that worry that their host families drink too much. Oh well. It's the holidays, and well- we have a lot to celebrate. That was until the most dramatic Thanksgiving discovery ever.

We had a fish, named Marley, in a bowl with a plant. While setting the table we realized he is gone. He just disappeared, rumor has it he jumped out and committed suicide, into the stuffing. Thing is, the stuffing was amazing, so if Marley had to go to get it there- good bye sweet Marley, good bye. You went for a good cause and for that, we commend you. Pour one out for your homies who couldn't be here.

It was the best dang Tday to date.

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  1. awwww what a beautiful picture! all of them, but I especially liked the happy family one. Now I beg to differ on the social skills thing... I think that it is understandable that you didn't make friends with mommies that have older children. And the things in babies r us.. if you have said 'oh great thank you' she would have walked away. Now you tried to establish a deeper conversation, and yet she walked away. So it was her fault. And on the facebook thing, crazy talk! I tried to delete my myspace because two is enough and I can keep touch in only one friend account. but it won't let me! I declare Shannanigans. Miss you! Byes =)


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