Thursday, November 15, 2007

"¿Ah dios, en lo que la F entré yo yo mismo?"

It's not every day that your husband walks out of the bathroom with a cup of pee, raising it to the sky with a hearty "Cheers!" It's not everyday, but it is a day in our home. Our au pair better get used to it. I'm fairly certain at least 4 times a day she shakes her head silently and thinks "¿Ah dios, en lo que la F entré yo yo mismo?" ("Oh my god, what the F did I get myself into?" courtesy of

The other day at one point, she was talking to me in the kitchen and I am not sure now what she was saying because I was pretty tired, but I know for sure she was speaking English, I'm beat though so I zoned out. My face obviously showed it because all of a sudden she stopped and said "Am I speaking a Spanish?" Confused by such a question, I answer, "Right now? I don't think so."

It's surreal to have an au pair here already to take care of L. She is wonderful! She is great with L- sings to her, talks with her- makes her smile! She straightens up, volunteers to help with everything- even things she shouldn't! I have to keep telling her to stop because when she is off, she is off! Ah to follow the rules.

That's the scoop. There has been some grumbling that I am not updating fast enough. I'll do what I can, but while I am currently a lady of leisure, I'm soaking up time with my stinky moose of child. Also, she doesn't do anything funny really, just stinkin' cute or maybe just stinkin'. ¿Ah dios, en lo que la F entré yo yo mismo?

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