Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Last Day

Friday was our last weekday together- and we made it count. I took the babe to the city library for a sing-a-long and while she doesn't have a favorite tune just yet- she loved it! There were tons of babies there, lots of nannies and even a few au pairs. The R.O.C. (ride of choice) was hands down was the Bugaboo. It was a Bugaboo parking lot. I wish I took a picture, because no matter how I explain it- it doesn't do it justice. After the songs and dancing- just as I was looking at L seeing how much fun she was happening I began to think- maybe we should have Cat bring her to things like this. We had put the kabosh on her bringing L anywhere but from the first floor to the top floor of the apartment. I began thinking I'll talk to C about it, maybe in the Spring we'll get a lighter stroller and she can bring her to things like this. The thought of Cat lugging our R.O.C. and the baby down the stairs makes me sweat.

So there I am thinking about how I can feel okay with outings and how much L would love this when what do I see but two childcare providers having their children spar. There were two little girls- a nice one and a mean one. The alleged childcare providers kept egging on the nice little girl to go and hug the mean little girl. And when she did the mean little girl would take the nice girls face, mush it and push her to the ground. Not once, not twice - but three times! And the "childcare providers"... who I would wager are not nannies but caregivers of another persuasion fell over to the floor laughing. I almost interrupted their falling over laughing none sense to ask what agency they are with. Were the kids in danger? No... but that's how someone gets hurt. (Who sounds like a mother, now?)

Do I think Caty will do anything like that? Absolutely not- but I witnessed this madness just as I was thinking- "I should let her take L out, what could happen?"

Friday was filled with some errands, visiting the books store, walking around the mall and even lunch out. As I ate and read, L slept- and then we walked around some more. We were out for 7 hours it was glorious!!!!!

On Saturday L & I went to a mom's meet up. We met other moms and babes in the area - L was of course the big girl on campus- at least a head taller than all the other babies- even those were a month older! In two short days we did what I've been meaning to do for the four months that I've been home. I met a few moms, hung out with other babies, took long walks, read some, ate some and laughed some. I also, but of course, cried some. It was good couple of days.

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