Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Mrs. Guarro to you

It's official. I finally can be called Mrs. Guarrochino, officially. It took a 2hr trip to the Social Security office, and I kind of need to go back because I am now (accidentally) middle name-less and would like to have one. Not sure why, but it's important to me. The SS change was just the beginning. It took 5 trips and who knows how many hours to update my license. Today, I can finally say, after 5 HOURS just in waiting time alone- the last name is officially changed.

You think I'm over exaggerating, I can hear you and see you shaking your head in disbelief. But it's true, 5 freaking hours. I wish I had a funny story to show for it, or something to tell you- to tell you it was worth it. But alas, nothing.

I got to read the book I have to read for my friend hunt.... which is tomorrow and I hadn't read much of anything until today. SO I guess that's good news, but not so much noteworthy. What is noteworthy is the book itself.... A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Now, it may be hormones, lack of recent consistent sleep, my head heavy with the Christmas gift that keeps giving- but it was an amazing story. Tears... I tell you what. I liked it more than Kite Runner and I loved that book. It may be that the story is told through the eyes of women - and it's about family, love, motherhood- and now I can't help but think of so many things through the eyes of a mother of a daughter. Makes sense, seeing as I am one- but it felt like more to me for some reason. It is so much more than all of that- it takes place in Afghanistan through all the changes and conflict in the country over the lifetime of two women. From the fall of the monarchy in 1973 to after the Talibans hold of power (read here: I learned a lot about things I probably should have known before). Even though written by a man, you would never know it isn't a disturbing true story of two women over the last 30 years. It is haunting. The story moves fast and a little strong at some points- but since it was that or get abused by the ladies of the RMV it worked for me.

Every 20 min the ladies (using that term lightly) of the RMV (The DMV for MA for all those NYers out there) would scream at any one looking at or using a cell phone. Apparently in this "convenient" RMV the computers are affected by the use of cell phones (even if calls are just coming in and not being answered) AND iPods. Now you'd think they were landing planes, but no such luck. I don't believe they had an effect on the computers... but I wasn't about to challenge them, you wouldn't either- trust me.

Instead they were angry at their baby's daddy and having continual fights to prove it (this included multiple hang ups and play by plays for the crowd to enjoy). This MAY have interfered with their work. Not the screaming, just the actual work they had to do. Yup just screaming and screwing up- including my license which I waited so patiently for. I left with the wrong middle name.

I ran back and she recognized my despair. She didn't yell at me (which was a huge surprise to all those witnessing the mayhem for the last few hours) instead she helped me, reprinted my license and I was off again. Only to discover an escalator ride down that my signature still had my old last name.... oh well. What can you do? Go back up to the office, and keep reading the good book!

When I got back to her, she assured me it was fine and if I had any troubles I could come back and she would "hook me up with a duplicate." Now that we're boys, I've got an in. If it ends up I do have to go back, I'll need another good book though because it's the only thing that kept me sane. It's usually t&g at the RMV... but apparently emotionally draining stories and chaos in Afghanistan can get me through.

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