Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Virtual Quotebook

In college we had a book where we'd write down funny things we heard on TV, random things we said- and while others may not think it's funny we enjoyed it.

"You know what happens when three people hang out?" - Shannon

When I started working where I am now, in team rooms we used to have a white board of funny quotes- I still keep an email folder of random stuff people say. Foreigners say the darnedest things.

"My good talent in acting... I performed a cock." (this quote comes with a lovely photo of a girl dressed as a rooster) or another goody "So I often have to hear that I would have a smile around my whole head if I wouldn't have two ears."

In the spirit of all of my collections of quotes I'm starting a virtual one. I'll tag all the entries with 'say what???' - I'm going to start using labels to help organize things. I will go back to do that with past entries, but first I need to find a new name for this fine site. Don't forget- Monday I started back at work again. Today I spoke with my very first angry person. Someone putting through the call to me actually used this description:

"She didn't want to leave a voice mail, I tried to talk to her but she sounded like she was going to come thought he phone and stab me."

Lovely. Side note: I spoke with her and she was lovely. Anywho tonight we have our first quote book entry.

"I'm going in for a Supernanny." - C

In talking about going into bink L, C decided to go in and not make eye contact. This move now dubbed, The Supernanny.

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