Monday, January 7, 2008

Doctor Doctor

Finding a doctor, once again, is proving to be quite a feat. Last year, when I was trying a doctor to find out if the positives I was getting from the pregnancy test was real I called close to 100 doctors, no joke. No one would see me for weeks, which ended up being the norm or they weren't excepting new patients. And all of this I was trying to work out from work- where I was not telling anyone and sharing an office. So in between my office buddies trips in and out of the office there I sat trying to get someone to see my potential knocked up self.

Now a year later, I sit on hold as I call doctor after doctor to see me. Now, don't get your hopes up there- no new bun in the oven. A frog in my throat and a snail in my nose. I am sicker than sick. I'd like to once again thank the Christmas fairies for this wonderful gift that keeps giving. C felt he could have been infected so he took medicine through out the holidays and seemed to have cured his bug before it ever went into full swing. Ah the wonders of Ziacam, Sudafed PM, & Tylenol Cold- glorious glorious inventions.

cold. Just straight up He never got sick, for the most part, and fought his potential sickness right to me. Now this provides several problems. First is, I am the worst sick person- I really hate it. I am susceptible to pink eye and severe wining when sick. Second, and most importantly, there is the new babe who really shouldn't be getting sick. So you think, just jump on the medication train like C- ah but alas with b-feeding all things EXCEPT Tylenol are off limits - and not Tylenol Cold.

In calling the pediatrician this weekend, since I don't have a regular doctor yet, the on call person said sudafed could be taken. With Sudafed, there are moderate risks so I need to weigh the pros and cons. When I asked, what are the risks- the answer way "It has not been tested yet." How do you weigh pros and cons if you don't know what all the pros and cons ARE?

I could also stop bFeeding all together so that I can take the cold medications - but by doing that then the baby will get sick because by bFeeding I'm in a scense giving her what she needs to fight off the sickness. I'm her very own cold cocktail.

I don't feel good about taking anything with any kind of risk to the babe- nevermind those that can not be weighed. So no cold medication for me, I power through the days- drinking lots of OJ and soup. And then at night I knock myself out by self medicating with the dwindling supply of pain killers I have from the c-section. How sick is that? I can't take anything to clear out my sinuses, but I can take pain killers. This is how addictions are formed.

I called 25 doctors with in different practices of MGH and found out at office number 24 that they too were not excepting new patients, but I could call the doctor referral line to find out who was. Thanks office number 24, too bad the first 20 receptionists were not as helpful. I call the referral line and it turns out not ONE of the doctors in all of MGH (HUGE 3 building stretch of doctors) is accepting new clients. I lost count, but by call 30 something I finally found a doctor. I'm not sure where he or she is located or what their deal is- but they are taking new patients and they have an opening, tomorrow morning. Good think I have enough perks to get me through to tomorrow. I wonder if my new doctor will buy that I'm having pains that require a filler-er upper on the bottle of pain meds I was saving for a special and rainy day. Ah chemical dependency, how limited you can be with a baby relying on you.

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