Saturday, January 12, 2008

What'd you learn over the Holidays?

The Gs traveled the state of NY like a bunch of gypsies for 2 weeks. We gained and lost goodies along the way, just like a good gypsy should. Things I learned over our Holiday Break:
  • We're too young for a caravan, but we desperately need one. We almost had to leave one of us in Boston- in addition to the bags shown in the pictures there was the babe, the dog and endless diaper bags to pack.
  • A drive by attack from my dear ol'Gramama can leave me wounded- next time come prepared and ready to fight. Hands up and stay alert- cute babies will not shield the venom.
  • No glove, no love.... there are several, no MANY, knocked up friends and family out there. Mozel Tov to you- and god's speed. You're in for quite a ride, but as you know- well worth it.
  • YouTube can offer hours of entertainment.
  • I was attacked by a claw less cat and I'm allergic to those bastards, which makes me hate those freak animals even more than I originally thought I did. (EXCEPTION: Lola & Rico- they seem like great little freakers who stay hidden whenever I visit, so for that I solute them.)
  • Everyone has advice, just like when pregs- everyone's a doctor- everyone is a parent coach. We aren't sure how L survived the 3 months with out the peanut galleries.
  • Hott mess is a fun word to use and abuse. (example: On New Year's Eve, I was such a hott mess I accidentally spit all over C's friends from college while laughing at something that wasn't even funny.)
  • Santa is coming to L's house next year.

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