Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas Tree Update UPDATE

Back in December, I updated the information but then realized that the pictures were not updated with the shots of our tree fully loaded with 500 lights, as the commentary says it is.  Please see that post for updated photos. Click here to get there!

In other news, the tree has been laid to rest.  We had a cremation.  Unfortunately the tree didn't make it to January 6th which is traditionally when we like to keep the tree up. Upon returning home to our in home sauna, it should not be a surprise that the tree didn't make it.  Christmas trees are not meant to weather 80 degree hot dry heat.  As a result at some point in our absence the tree fell probably signifying it's overall surrender to the sweltering heat.  Rudolph didn't make it- most all the other ornaments made the fall.  It doesn't really matter, 95% of our ornaments could have disintegrated from the heat and it wouldn't matter as I have said previously we received enough "Baby's First Christmas" to occupy a tree on it's own. 

We put the decorations away, untangled and organized the 500 lights and swept, vacuumed and swept the loose needles.  For fun, with our working fire place, I took the bulk of the tree and needles and burned them. The hidden pyrho in me smiled with glee and the open scary cat of C grimaced with fear. It didn't fill the house with Christmas smell as I had hoped- but pre-burning the dried out tree did have a faint smell... much like potpourri would have.  I guess there was one advantage to having the indoor tropical weather - the faint smell of Christmas.  Too bad it killed the tree and will likely kill our bills.  It'll be like a Christmas surprise to look forward to. 

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