Tuesday, January 15, 2008

T Minus (less than) 2 weeks

Countdowns are back. It's hard to believe but I am coming up on another big day.

It's time to go back to work and leave my title of Lady of Leisure behind me. Some of it is a welcome discard, but some will be a tearful goodbye.

The good news is... no more 3 adults to every child ratios or crowded micromanaging of diaper changes or binky supplying directions. Hear no evil, see no evil. I can't wait to find bliss in ignorance, rather than witness ridiculousness. No more nukie aggravation, or full day analyzing of what is going on in that room and why it takes hours to be cleaned. Being out of the house for much of the day will keep me from seeing the continual washing of dishes that don't need to be washed. No more day time T.V. (mostly a hooray! Although I do love me some Ellen and even the occasional ladies of the View) and no more hiding out in my room. Going back to work and having it all is something that I have wanted for as long as I can remember. It's finally time to make it work and find that balance between being L's mom and a working professional. I've always loved a challenge, and here I am ready to jump back into it all. I'm excited to make it work.

No more apologizing for wanting more time with the baby than I have on the schedule. If nothing else now when I'm home all I have to refer to are the regulation rule around the au pair's hours- because if we don't have her when we are home there is no way we'll be able to stay with in the hours that are regulated. I always did love rules and regulations. And I'm fairly sure that once the au pair is working a full day with just L - she'll be ready to let us be the parents and stop with the all the questions and offers to "help." OH how that will help with my aggrevation levels.

With the hoorays comes much saddness. No more flip flops. Yup, still wearing them - not the preggers worn down to the ground smelly ones. Those I threw out ceremoniously before leaving MGH. I have a new pair that is exactly the same model with a full sole and doesn't smell like a wrestling room. No more late mornings cuddling with the babe or late nights with her not worrying about the lack of sleep because we can make up for it later on. No more random day trips to wherever. No more long conversations that while she doesn't have words yet to respond to- I know she gets what I'm saying. Depending on the shrieks that she lets out is either agrees or disagrees with what I am saying. She has started to laugh, giggle and eek with glee- and now I have to go back to work?

Our days are numbered and after 4 months with L and 2 months with the au pair it is time to go back to work as planned. I am excited to jump back in. The transition should definately be interesting. If nothing else, having an au pair has me practically running out of the house. I've heard stories of moms that spend the first few days or weeks weepy and crying, missing their babe. I don't know if that will be me, but we'll just have to wait and see. There are just too many people in the house and I believe it's time to finally see how this whole working mom thing will work. To do that farily, I've got to get back to work! The countdown is on, and in celebration I have added a countdown. Sure I've sworn off all countdowns after all the experiences about 4 months ago, but I'm pretty sure this countdown can't be delayed or changed. Safe bet is the numbers you see are true blue!

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