Monday, January 21, 2008

New Tricks

Right around Christmas time, L learned how to "brrrrr" which caused much spit to fly most everywhere. She would be soaked through her shirts, down to her belly button due to her new found talent- to make "brrrr" noises. How fun.

What's more fun? All the new noises she can and practices making. Like most recently screaming. Screaming like we are pulling out her toe nails with a rusty tweezer. How fun it must be for our neighbors. She is screaming like a lunatic for no good reason, for long or short periods of time. From the screaming she goes to crying (an old favorite) and sometimes so hard that it literally hurts my heart. What has happened to me? I got my ankles back (thanks be) but I have yet to regain my ability NOT to cry at every little thing.

She is also laughing and it really is pretty amazing- how much fun she can have doing not much of anything. Taking her screaming talents- she also squeals with happiness. I would love to have this on video, but of course she is still not a fan of the film.

Lastly, and much to my sadness- she has learned how to wake up in the middle of the night for no reason and put her screaming, squealing and brring talents to the test- it's her own little recital. Every hour, on the hour- and sometimes on the half hour. This is super fantastic- particularly because this is the last week I can sleep late. Hopefully her next trick will include retrieving her own dang binky and plugging herself up!

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